William Tullett

History of smell and senses (WP5 lead)

Dr. William Tullett in Lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of York, and an expert on the history of smell and the senses. As the leader of WP5, Dr Tullett has been working on converting the data from historical texts and images obtained in other work-packages into storylines and narratives about Europe’s olfactory past. These storylines have informed the work of museums and heritage colleagues on the project. Dr Tullett is in charge of developing the Encyclopaedia of European Olfactory Heritage – a new web-resource that will be the first of its kind – that will catalogue and describe the smells, odorous spaces, feelings about scent, and key noses of the European past. His work on the project has also led to the publication of a new open-access book, Smell and the Past: Noses, Archives, Narratives (London: Bloomsbury, 2023).