NeusWijzer: A Guide to Dutch Smell Culture and Language

Covid-19 put it plain under our noses: scents colour our lives with memories, tastes, emotions, eroticism and depth. How would you respond to losing your sense of smell? Nature cannot do without smell, and people also prefer to be ‘nosy’.  That is why we’re putting together a new (Dutch) guide: NeusWijzer (NoseWise).

NoseWise is a first for the Dutch language domain: a colourful reference work with smell as its main protagonist – from the perspectives of language and culture, evolution and biology, and history and psychology. This book will pull readers into the world of molecules and receptors, from disgust and desire, from the colour of scents, packaged in layers of urine-aroma and goat odeur, and everything in between.

In the next coming year, a diverse group of researchers, artists, linguists, and other smellologists will be working on shaping NoseWise, that will be published at the end of 2023 by Koninklijke Boom uitgevers. This book is partly coordinated by Odeuropa.

More information (in Dutch)