The formal deliverables defined in our EU Horizon 2020 project plan are shared through this page. To better understand the scope of the Odeuropa project, we encourage you to review these alongside the pages describing our missionobjectives and timeline, and methodology.

Work package 1: Coordination

Work Package 2: Images

Work Package 3: Text

Work Package 4: Semantic Web

Work Package 5: Storylines

  • D5.1 PastScent Network (PDF)
  • D5.2 Academic conference on olfactory history and digital heritage
  • D5.3 Pilot version of an Online Encyclopaedia of Smell Heritage

Work Package 6: Olfactory Heritage Science

Work Package 7: Impact

Work Package 8: Ethics

  • D8.1 H – Requirement No. 1 – Data protection issues (internal document)
  • D8.2 GEN – Requirement No. 3 – Design of AI Systems Fallback and Safety Plan (internal document)
  • D8.3 H – Requirement No. 4 – Study participants consent forms (internal document)