The following deliverables are foreseen in Odeuropa. Public deliverables will be shared through this page.

Work package 1: Coordination

  • D1.1 Project website
  • D1.2 Project Fact Sheet
  • D1.3 Project templates
  • D1.4 Data Management Plan
  • D1.5 Intermediate Progress report

Work Package 2: Images

  • D2.1 “Taxonomy of Olfactory Phenomena in Images”
  • D2.2 Annotated image data version 1
  • D2.3 Object detection/ image analysis
  • D2.4 Annotated image data version 2
  • D2.5 “Computer Vision Challenge”
  • D2.6 Demonstrator: image retrieval and visualization

Work Package 3: Text

  • D3.1 Annotation scheme and multilingual taxonomy
  • D3.2 Multilingual historical corpora and annotated benchmarks
  • D3.3 Odeuropa text processing system version 1
  • D3.4 Odeuropa text processing system with historical corpus analysis version 2
  • D3.5 Final Odeuropa text processing system with emotion analysis version 3
  • D3.6 Demonstrator: text-based access to olfactory information

Work Package 4: Semantic Web

  • D4.1 Ontology and vocabularies for olfactory information
  • D4.2 “European Olfactory Knowledge Graph version 1”
  • D4.3 “European Olfactory Knowledge Graph version 2”
  • D4.4 Methods and tools for knowledge graph link prediction and clustering
  • D4.5 Context model for olfactory mentions in texts
  • D4.6 “Demonstrators for Olfactory Cultural Heritage”

Work Package 5: Storylines

  • D5.1 PastScent Network
  • D5.2 Academic conference on olfactory history and digital heritage
  • D5.3 Pilot version of an Online Encyclopaedia of Smell Heritage

Work Package 6: Olfactory Heritage Science

  • D6.1 Guidelines on the use of smells in GLAMs
  • D6.2 “Questionnaires for measuring the value of introducing smells in GLAMs”
  • D6.3 Best practices in olfactory digitisation

Work Package 7: Impact

  • D7.1 Policy Brief
  • D7.10 Dissemination and Exploitation Plan version 2
  • D7.2 “Impact Activities Report Y1”
  • D7.3 “Impact Activities Report Y2”
  • D7.4 “Olfactory Storytelling Toolkit (OST)”
  • D7.5 “Policy Paper Olfactory Heritage Toolkit (OHT)”
  • D7.6 “Impact Activities Report Y3”
  • D7.7 Communication Plan version 1
  • D7.8 Dissemination and Exploitation Plan version 1
  • D7.9 Communication Plan version 2

Work Package 8: Ethics

  • D8.1 H – Requirement No. 1 – Data protection issues
  • D8.2 GEN – Requirement No. 3 – Design of AI Systems Fallback and Safety Plan
  • D8.3 H – Requirement No. 4 – Study participants consent forms