Meet the Odeuropa Team!

KNAW Humanities Cluster – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Inger Leemans

Cultural History (Principal Investigator, WP7 lead)

Marieke van Erp

Language Technology, Semantic web, Digital Humanities (Project Manager, multiple WPs)

Sofia Collette Ehrich

Olfactory Events and Exhibitions (WP1, WP7).

Lizzie Marx

Olfactory Art History (Multiple WPs)

Ronald Sluijter

Research data management, language technology (WP1, WP3)

Arno Bosse

Digital Humanities, Funding & Partnerships

Ali Hürriyetoğlu

Language technology (WP3)

Vania López

Intern: Olfactory communications and journalism (WP7)

Christina Kotsopoulou

Olfactory events and story-telling toolkit (WP7)

Sophie Elpers

Intangible Cultural Heritage, Policy-making (WP7)

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen – Nürnberg, Germany

Vincent Christlein

Computer vision (WP2 lead)

Andrea Büttner

Aroma and Smell Research (WP2, WP6)

Peter Bell

Art History, Computer Vision


Aroma and Smell Research (WP2, WP6)

Mathias Zinnen

Computer Vision (WP2)

Fondazione Bruno Kessler – Trento, Italy

Sara Tonelli

Language technology, digital humanities (WP3 lead)

Elisa Leonardelli

Language technology, digital humanities (WP3)

Stefano Menini

Language technology, digital humanities (WP3)

Serra Sinem Tekiroğlu

Natural language processing, olfactory taxonomies (WP3)

EURECOM – Sophia Antipolis, France

Pasquale Lisena

Semantic Web (WP4)

Raphaël Troncy

Semantic Web (WP4 lead)

Thibault Ehrhart

Semantic Web (WP4)

Anglia Ruskin University – Cambridge, United Kingdom

William Tullett

History of smell and senses (WP5 lead)

Fabrizio Galeazzi

Digital cultural heritage (WP5)

Victoria-Anne Michel

History of smell and olfactory heritage (WP5)

Jožef Stefan Institute – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Daniel Schwab

Semantic Web (WP4)

Dunja Mladenić

Semantic web (WP4, WP3)

Inna Novalija

Semantic web (WP3, WP4)

Janez Brank

Semantic Web (WP3, WP4)

M.Besher Massri

Semantic web (WP4)

Marko Grobelnik

Semantic web (WP4, WP3)

University College London – London, United Kingdom

Cecilia Bembibre

Olfactory heritage science (WP6 Lead), Ethics (WP8)

George Alexopoulos

Olfactory heritage science (WP6)

Matija Strlič

Olfactory heritage science (WP6)

Data Annotation Team