Smell Expo

During the afternoon Smell Expo and Matchmaking session, attendees will be able to meet with representatives from industry and business who will be presenting products and services related to olfactory cultural heritage. The Smell Expo we will also host a poster session for researchers who would like to share their work in person with attendees.

Research Posters
  • Kate Allen (purpleSTARS – RIX Inclusive Research, University of East London), “How does equality smell?”
  • Roxanne Bartoletti (Université Côte d’Azur) “What does your favorite work environment smell like? The influence of age on daily habits related to odors and concentration in adults, and on the perceived olfactory characteristics of stimuli”
  • Yiwei Chen (South China Agricultural University, UCL), “Smellscape design modes and ideas of Chinese gardens in Ming and Qing dynasties (1368AD-1912AD)”
  • Christopher Dawes, Jing Xue, Nonna Shabanova, Marianna Obrist (UCL), “Multisensory Textile Experiences in Reality and Virtual Reality”
  • Natalia I. Kucirkova (University of Stavanger), “Children’s Scented Stories”
  • Helene Loos (FAU), “Follow your nose: odour analysis and chemical communication research”
  • Giorgia M. Maffioli Brigatti (University of Cambridge), “Musk and Roses in Early-Modern Iran: an art historical approach to smell culture”
  • Victoria-Anne Michel (University of York), Cecilia Bembibre (UCL), “Smellscapes: Capturing Sensory and Heritage Practices”
  • Emma Paolin (University of Ljubljana), “ODOTHEKA – Exploring, archiving and reconstructing heritage smells”
  • Alexandra Skedzuhn (BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg), “Sniffing it out: Recording the smells in the former HQ of the Ministry for State Security in Berlin”


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