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Alain SebillePsychiatristFragrance, History, Cultural Heritage, Malodours, MedicinePsychiatrist with clinical interest in some forms of schizophrenia and neighboring diseases involving a high occurrence of olfactory hallucinations. A personal review of literature about the history of hygiene may suggest that patients with schizophrenia & olfactory hallucinations show more 'atavistic' pre-cultural olfactory feelings than normal population.EmailStrasbourg, France
Alba AlvarezRijksmuseumChemistry, Cultural HeritageDetection of organic volatiles.WebsiteAmsterdam, The Netherlands
Alexandra SkedzuhnBTU Cottbus-SenftenbergArchitecture, Cultural Heritage, Maps & Smellscapes, Sensory StudiesSensory history (esp. odours) as tool to understand the cultural significance of historic sites.Website, LinkedInCottbus, Germany
Alexandre HelwaniThe Perfume ChroniclesFragrance, History, Anthropology, LinguisticsI delve into the ethnobotanic aspects of perfume, exploring its different uses and symbolic importance throughout centuries and civilisations. My expertise consists in unearthing lost formulae and recreating them as faithfully as possible, technically and botanically. Website, InstagramParis, France
Alex GrunenfelderArtistArt, Philosophy, Sensory Studies, DesignI’m an air taster studying the sensory analysis of atmospheric phenomena. My work employs olfaction, printed matter, performance, sound and informal pedagogy to explore the perception of space, landscape, and the air as speculative sensory objects.Website, InstagramVancouver, Canada
Alla KoblovaSaint Petersburg State University, Uppsala UniversityChemistry, FragranceA Bachelor of Chemistry, searching for internship/research/job opportunities in the field of Fragrance Chemistry. Currently working as an analytical chemist in the oil industry and conducting olfaction (novel TAAR ligand discovery) research. Constantly self-educating and on Fragrance Chemistry and Olfaction. Website, LinkedInSaint Petersburg, Russia
Ally LouksUniversity of CambridgeMalodours, Sensory Studies, Literature, Fragrance, Food & AromaI'm currently a PhD student at the University of Cambridge studying 'olfactory ethics: smell and discrimination in modernity'. I work within the field of interdisciplinary literary studies, with an emphasis on critical theory, and specialise in 20th and 21st century literature.Website, TwitterCambridge, United-Kingdom
Ana Maria UlloaUniversidad de los AndesAnthropology, Food & Aroma, Sensory Studies, ChemistryI'm a cultural anthropologist. I have conducted fieldwork at smell and taste laboratories, flavour companies, and restaurants. I'm currently working on a project tracing the field of aroma chemistry in Colombia and its connection to industry and agriculture. WebsiteBogotá, Colombia
Andreas KellerOlfactory Art KellerArt, Art History, Consulting & Industry, GLAM, PhilosophyI have been studying olfaction in academia both experimentally and theoretically for over a decade. Currently I'm a gallerist, running an art gallery that focuses on olfactory art.Website, InstagramNew York, USA
Anelena TokuIndependent researcherArt, Maps & Smellscapes, FragranceI am an independent researcher from Brazil focusing on incense making, natural perfumery, regional plants and the relations between scent and sound.Website, InstagramSao Paulo, Brazil
Anna Caterina DalmassoUniversity of MilanPhilosophy, Sensory Studies, ArtOlfactory cinema, smell in movies and digital media, virtual reality.WebsiteMilan, Italy
Anna D'ErricoFreelance writer and independent researcherAnosmia, Neuroscience, Sensory Studies, Art, I am a neuroscientist (from the Olfaction field), published author, science writer and independent performer. I am a contributor to several Science magazines (for example Le Scienze, Italian Ed. of the Scientific American), I conduct educational Scent&Science workshops, Intervention, public talk as science communicator and olfactory artist; I am also a performer working with scent and smell in performance space and onstage.Website, InstagramrFrankfurt, Germany
Anna GilchristDei SensiDesign, Food & Aroma, Sensory Studies, Marketing & PR, PsychologyCurrently self-taught olfactory student. Interested in ways in which scent can be used to enhance well being, alter mood and another communicative layer to our experiences. Website, InstagramVenice, Italy
Anna HarrisMaastricht UniversityAnthropology, Education, Medicine, Sensory Studies, Tools & InstrumentationI am a sensory studies scholar, interested in all of the senses. My expertise is in sensory education, learning sensory skills, sensory data, and sensory methods. I am an anthropologist with a background in medicine.Website, TwitterMaastricht, The Netherlands
Anna TerpL’OdorantArt, Cultural Heritage, Education, Sensory Studies, Maps & SmellscapesWith my project L’Odorant I aim to create joyful and creative smell workshops for people of all ages. With sensory studies being at the core of my Master’s degree, I’ve gained both theoretical knowledge as well as practical through my work as an art educator.Website, InstagramParis, France
Anne-Lise SaiveInstitut Paul Bocuse Research CenterComputer Science, Neuroscience, Psychology, Sensory Studies, Food & Aroma
Computational neuroscience researcher with a multidisciplinary profile, combining cutting-edge expertise in cognitive sciences in olfaction, emotion and memory, brain imaging, and analytical methods based on computational neuroscience and AI. My research aims at developing new learning tools able to boost sensory perception and improve memory performance for students and sensory experts including sommeliers, cooks and perfumers.Website, TwitterLyon, France
Annemarie EstorPoet, De ZinnenwinkelLiterature, Botany, Malodours, Cultural Heritage, ArtIf we want to understand what it means to be human, we should not start by reading Enlightened philosophy. We should start by smelling trash cans, flowers, dirty laundry and kitchens. That's my point of departure as a poet.WebsiteAntwerp, Belgium
Anne ParkAsia Cosme LabConsulting & Industry, Fragrance, Marketing & PR, Maps & Smellscapes, MalodoursA recent graduate of MSc Scent Design & Creation program of ISIPCA/IFF, I have a year of experience in fragrance development and fragrance marketing in IFF and Firmenich. Currently I'm working for a beauty consulting agency based in Paris. I am interested in anything that is outside of conventional perfumery and fragrance such as the Odeuropa project! Website, LinkedInParis, France
Antoine NeufmarsAuthor / Visual Artist / PerformerAnosmia,
Cultural Heritage,
I am creating an archive of olfactory memory in the post-pandemic context. This archive includes testimonies and memories linked to smells. The documentation protocol for the volunteers is guided by a series of direct interactions with recomposed odours. InstagramBrussels, Belgium
Antonella RadicchiTU BerlinSensory Studies, Design, Art, Maps & Smellscapes, Tools & InstrumentationMy olfactory interests relate to three main themes: 1) the interplay between smell and sound; 2) participatory approaches to smell monitoring to inform odour policy-making; 3) smell design and art installation in everyday public spaces.Website, LinkedInBerlin, Germany
Antti-Ville KärjäUniversity of the Arts HelsinkiArt, Cultural Heritage, History, Philosophy, TourismWith a background in the cultural study of music and audio-visual media, I am interested in multisensory and multimodal epistemology, and in developing "olfactory cultural studies" where the limits of (digital) mediation and representation are addressed specifically.WebsiteHelsinki, Finland
Armelle LorcyResearch Center CHU de Québec-Laval UniversityAnthropology, Food & Aroma, Malodours, Medicine, Sensory StudiesAnthropology of food and senses in South America and the study of social and intercultural relations; anthropology of food and senses among people with cancer and who are under a chemotherapy treatment that may cause sensory disturbances.WebsiteQuebec City, Canada
Aude HendrickSewer Museum, BrusselsCultural Heritage, Museology, History, MalodoursWe create an olfactory game for the visitors of the Brussels Sewer Museum.Website, InstagramBrussels, Belgium
Aymeric JeudyMusée Matisse NiceArt, Art History, Fragrance, Museology, Education, GLAMWe are currently considering an olfactory tour for the Matisse museum. This could appear together with an exhibitions on flowers in 2022. Just as in a 17th century Dutch still life, flowers appeal to the visual sense and to the sense of smell. This synaesthesia is essential for Matisse who uses it as a medium for memory in the manner of Proust.Website, InstagramNice, France
Barbara HuberMax Planck Institute for the Science of Human HistoryChemistry, Medicine, Botany, Cultural Heritage, ArchaeologyReconstructions of past smells by studying ancient organic remains of aromatics and spices using chemical analysis.Website, TwitterJena, Germany
Berthold HenselerSmells like HeavenArtConnecting as a writer and museum curator, literature, installations, painting scent, synesthesia, music and dance. Giving workshops for adults to experience and develop these senses through art, movement and meditation practices.WebsiteMunich, Germany
Bharti LalwaniLitrahb Perfumery / Bagh-e HindArt History, FragranceMy project, “Bagh-e Hind: Scent translations of Mughal and Rajput Garden Paintings” (2021 - ongoing) unlocks the sensorial meanings embedded in seventeenth and eighteenth century art and literature and connects these to contemporary perfumery practices and mediums in Mughal India.Website, Bagh-e HindPune, India
Camilla Nicklaus-MaurerContemporary ArtistArt, Art History, EducationOlfactory materials in art, contemporary art, how smell spread in art, smell in installations, smelling objects, smell to remember, new categories for artworks enriched with smell, challenges and opportunities with smell in art, fine art, smell in exposition, smell of material and additional smell, natural and artificial smell, Website, InstagramGrainau, Germany
Camille GrapaUniversité Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, Design, Heritage Science, History, Maps & Smellscapes, Museology, Anthropology, Tools & InstrumentationI have a master in cultural project management which I validated with the subject "Olfaction in heritage exhibitions - Typology of German exhibitions". I want to explore olfactory devices for museums and the use of smell in archaeology studies and exhibitions. LinkedInParis, France
Carolina PadulaDe Lange Chemistry
Fragrance, Food & Aroma, Education, Consulting & Industry
MSc in Chemical Engineering with over 8 years of experience in fragrances & flavorus companies, implementing creative and innovative fragrances strategies to grow the client portfolios. Mixing my knowledge between chemical engineer and fragrances, I've become expert in cosmetic fragrances, household products, and natural compositions.Website, href="https://nl.linkedin.com/in/carolina-elena-padula-2a654091/en" target="_blank" rel="noopener">LinkedInBelfeld, The Netherlands
Carolina VerhoevenCulinair Historisch ErfgoedcentrumCultural Heritage, Food & AromaFoodWebsite, InstagramHaulerwijk, The Netherlands
Caroline BouissouVilla ArsonArt, Cultural Heritage, Education, Anthropology, BotanyAt the origin of the group 7ma group, "We are all 7 million years" (http://www.7ma.eu). A multidisciplinary group linking researchers and artists with research about mental images involving neuroscience and the chemistry of smells. We do research and creation, linking images, memory, and smells.Website, InstagramNice, France
Catherine Haley EpsteinOdorbetArt, Education, Linguistics, Psychology, Sensory StudiesAs an artist and author of Nose Dive (2019), I have facilitated projects and workshops independently around olfaction since 2011. The Odorbet (2020) is an ongoing collection of words, where we seek international contributions to broaden the public's understanding of the olfactory landscape. The database also includes scent classification systems.Website, TwitterPortland, USA
Celia LytteltonFragrance WriterFragranceMy book, "The Scent Trail; A journey of the Senses", published by Bantam and Penguin, is a a travelogue and history about scent.InstagramUnited-Kingdom
Ceyda Berk-SöderblomMiklagardArtsArt, Cultural Heritage, Tools & InstrumentationI'm an art professional whose career is driven by curiosity. I want to explore what it means to have an olfactory experience in arts.Website, LinkedInHelsinki, Finland
Chanelle DupuisBrown UniversityLiterature, Malodours, Sensory Studies, Maps & SmellscapesI work on smells in French and Francophone literature in the 20th century. I focus on the link between smells and trauma and am interested in how smells can trigger a past traumatic event. I also work on smells and the environment and look at how odors can be indicators of environmental change.WebsiteProvidence, USA
Cheryl KruegerDepartment of French, University of VirginiaLiterature, Fragrance, HistoryI am a specialist in 19th-century French literature, interested in the era's intersecting cultures of literature and perfume. I have spoken and published widely on the topic in France, the UK, and the US.Website, TwitterRichmond, USA
Christina BradstreetThe National Gallery, LondonArt, Art History, Literature, HistoryIconography and symbolism of scent in art and visual culture. Scent in British, European and American 19th century art and design - especially Pre-Raphaelitism and Aestheticism. How understanding 19th century ideas about smell can enhance interpretations of artworks. How artworks mirrored the “period nose,” on issues like evolution, faith, race, morality and mental health.Website, TwitterEast Grinstead, United-Kingdom
Christine GriffithsBard Graduate CenterFragrance, Art History, History, Sensory Studies, BotanyI am a cultural historian of early modern perfume, art, and gardens. I use material & visual culture, engagement with raw materials, recipes, and methods of historically-informed reconstruction to approach and connect past histories of science, medicine, and technologies of making fragrance.Website, TwitterNew York, USA
Christine JeanneretUniversity of CopenhagenArt, Cultural Heritage, History, Sensory StudiesI work on soundscapes and history, my olfactory expertise amounts to very little (except working closely to an expert in perfumes at the Centre de recherche du château de Versailles), but my approach to sensory studies and historical research on the senses is closely related to the Odeuropa projectWebsite, LinkedInCopenhagen, Denmark
Cici ZhangUniversity of AlbertaComputer Science, ChemistryI’m a student of statistics and computing science, interested in visualizing and digitizing air pollutants, and creating a healthy breathing environment. Diminishing stench discharges and categorizing odors are parts of this mission. WebsiteEdmonton, Canada
Claire DobbinFreelance CuratorArt History, Cultural Heritage, Maps & Smellscapes, Sensory Studies, MuseologyI am a curator who uses scent in exhibits and programming – and currently doing a PhD on the role/impact/potential of scent within museum interpretation, looking primarily at engagement with scent-related arts and cultures of the Islamic world.LinkedInWedhampton, United-Kingdom
Clara MullerNez, the olfactory magazineArt, Art History, Sensory Studies, Museology, DesignArt historian, critic, and curator, Clara Muller is pursuing research on the politics of breathing in contemporary art, the diversity of art and design practices using scent as a medium, as well as on the presence of smell in 19th and 20th century French literature.Website, LinkedInParis, France
Clara RawlingsBirkbeck CollegeLiterature, Cultural Heritage, History, Malodours
My PhD research investigates the medieval olfactory imagination and how ideas about scent and smelling were encoded in Middle English vernacular writing.WebsiteLondon, United-Kingdom
Danielle ReedMonell Chemical Senses CenterAnosmia, Food & Aroma, Psychology, Sensory StudiesI am the Associate Director of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia which is a non-profit institution devoted to the study of chemosensory biology which includes smell. Personally, I love natural language processing methods and I would love to hear how I might participate.Website, TwitterPhiladelphia, USA
Dan LuoVrije Universiteit BrusselMuseology, Sensory Studies, Art, Marketing & PR, Psychology
What are the implications of multi-sensory inputs on museum experiences and visitors’ long-term memory? Doing market research about visitors in some art exhibitions is my main work during my PhD. My research focus is based on the visitor’s learning behavior change and memory enhancement if there are lots of sensory inputs in an exhibition. LinkedInBrussels, Belgium
Danny ReesWellcome Collection, Wellcome TrustGLAM, Anthropology, Art History, MedicineI am a librarian and engagement officer at the Wellcome Collection which hosts exhibitions and research, mainly in the interdisciplinary fields around health and culture. I am interested in the senses, the history of cosmetics and have published on the relationship between pain and facial expression. I like to smell nice.WebsiteLondon, United-Kingdom
Danyel GafsouVia ScentConsulting & Industry, Fragrance, Malodours, Sensory StudiesI assist brands leverage growth and create unique customer experience via scent initiatives. Passionate about olfaction and technology. For me, scents are a language, a way of communication, delivering information about our world.Website, LinkedInTel Aviv, Israel
Dariia FessalonikaFragranticaSensory Studies, Fragrance, Consulting & IndustryColumnist of Fragrantica, CEO of perfume studio, perfumer and entrepreneur in the beauty industry. I’m interested in analysing different approaches towards creating fragrance and the characteristics of scent perception, including cross-modal perception and synaesthesia.WebsiteMoscow, Italy
Darko KnezNational Museum of SloveniaCultural Heritage, Heritage Science, History, MuseologyI am a museum curator and a member of the international research project Odotheka. As part of this project, we intend to develop an international archive of museum and historical scents.WebsiteLjubljana, Slovenia
Darko PerkoMedical doctorMedicine, AnosmiaAs a medical doctor specialized in problems of the nose and paranasal sinuses I am interested in anosmia, hyposmia and parosmia and in the sense of smell in general.WebsiteZürich, Switzerland
David HingleyTateHistory, Tourism, GLAMI have worked in Visitor Experience for the last 12 years, being involved in a number of projects and visitor presentations that have involved olfactory experiences. My interests are around the practical challenges to teams that the introduction of scent can bring, alongside the positive benefits for visitors.Website, TwitterLondon, United-Kingdom
Diana Mata-CodesalUniversity of BarcelonaAnthropology, Anosmia, Maps & SmellscapesThe role of smell in migratory contexts, as marker of identity and otherness. WebsiteBarcelona, Spain
Donald WilsonNYU School of MedicineNeuroscience, PsychologyNeurobiology of odor perception and memory. Co-author of Learning to Smell: Olfactory Perception from Neurobiology to Behavior.WebsiteNew York, USA
Dora SimoesVinho Verde Wine and Vine Commission Consulting & Industry, Education, Sensory Studies
Heritage Science, Tools & Instrumentation
We run PDO Vinho Verde / PGI Minho wine regions and have a professional tasting panel. We are interested in exploring the history and culture of the wine region and its wines from different perspectives.Website, FacebookPorto, Portugal
Dorothy AbramJohnson & Wales UniversityAnthropology, Maps & Smellscapes, Cultural Heritage, Heritage Science, Psychology, Sensory StudiesA researcher in the psychology and sociology of scent.WebsiteProvidence, USA
Eden HevroniHaifa UniversityArt, Cultural Heritage, History, Design, Tourism, Maps & SmellscapesI am a product designer and have been studying ceramic design for my BFA and M.des. Recently, I started my thesis on Historical smell in Jaffa between 1880 to 1930 from the time of the Ottoman Empire to the British Mandate. The thesis is part of my research studies at Haifa University in the department of Israel Studies.Website, InstaGramJaffa, Israel
Edouard VauryInhalioComputer Science, Tools & Instrumentation, Museology, MedicineInhalio is a global leader in cloud-based digital scent technology. We focus on the science of scent using a data-centric process of precise scent infusion, molecular dry-air diffusion, and detailed customer insights.Website, LinkedInSaint-Malo, France
Eglė BertašienėPaskui nosįHistory, Cultural Heritage, Archaeology, AnthropologyI am interested in the history of scents and perfumes in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, as well as in the 19th century, when Lithuania was annexed to the Russian Empire.Website, FacebookVilnius, Lithuania
Eleonore BernierGrasse Institute of PerfumeryArt History, Chemistry, Fragrance, Tourism, Marketing & PRTrainee perfumer currently studying formulation at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery (graduating in January 2022) to work on synaesthesia and emotions through perfumes.LinkedInGrasse, France
Emilie BonnardLARA-SEPPIA – Université Toulouse Jean JaurèsArt, Design, Linguistics, Cultural Heritage, Consulting & Industry
I'm olfactory designer, I do projects about olfaction.Website, ConferenceMontauban, France
Emilie MurphyUniversity of YorkHistory, Sensory StudiesHistorian of sound and the senses, 1500-1700. Particularly interested in the sensory methodologies used by the Odeuropa project.Website, TwitterYork, United-Kingdom
Emily WebbArtist, Independent Researcher History, Sensory Studies, Fragrance, Anthropology, ChemistryI recently completed my masters thesis (Warburg Institute) on the role of olfaction as a mode of knowledge production in the early scientific revolution (17th century), specifically within the work of Robert Boyle and the wider Royal Society - also by way of an exploration of the perfume industry in early modern England. I’m now continuing this research and working with a London based perfume brand. EmailLondon, United-Kingdom
Emma AbbateLiceo Scientifico Armando Diaz CasertaHistoryI would like to apply the olfactory approach in my history lessons to remediate primary sources used during the lessons.Website, LinkedInCaserta, Italy
Fabienne HuebenerInwordNeuroscience, Marketing & PR, Sensory Studies, ArtPhD in olfaction (neurobiology), science journalist specialized on smell, performance artist interested in integrating smell into performance. Website, TwitterMunich, Germany
Federica NorisScent CompanyFragranceI work for Scent Company: we specialise in Olfactory branding and Scent Marketing world-wide. I help many different businesses, including museums, creating customer journeys through the art of storytelling using scents. My interest is in how different scents can improve a visitor's experience.WebsiteBergamo, Italy
Federico KuksoKnight Science Journalism @ MITHistory, Archaeology, Art History, Cultural Heritage, LiteratureI'm a science journalist specialised in history of science. I'm the author of the book "Odorama: Historia Cultural del Olor" ("Odorama: Cultural History of Smell"), a global exploration of the past, present and future of smell.Website, InstagramBuenos Aires, Argentina
Fiona CarlstonIFFFood & Aroma,
Sensory Studies,
I've been a global sensory designer, otherwise know as an evaluator, since 1996 but have also studied art and history. I am currently working a lot around the experience of malodours and am interested in perception and the multi-sensory.WebsiteParis, France
Florian DerooUniversity of Ghent / Vrije Universiteit BrusselLiterature, Tourism, Maps & Smellscapes, Sensory Studies, PhilosophyI am a PhD student studying the sensation of landscapes in European travel writing during the interwar years. I am interested in the ways in which travellers engaged with the landscape through the senses, including the olfactory sense, and how these smells, tastes or sounds were textualized in their travel accounts.WebsiteGhent, Belgium
Francesca Strik LieversUniversity of GenoaLinguistics, Sensory StudiesI am a linguist and I work on the linguistic expression of sensory experience, focusing on sensory lexicon and on synaesthetic metaphors. As concerns smell, I am particularly interested in the way olfactory lexicon changes over time.WebsiteGenoa, Italy
Francesco AlettaUniversity College LondonDesign, Maps & Smellscapes, Sensory StudiesI am interested in urban smellscapes and smellscape mapping and design.Website, TwitterLondon, United-Kingdom
Francisca SousaMuseu Coleção BerardoArt
Art History, Chemistry, Museology, Food & Aroma
My olfactory interests are almost purely amateur. However, I am an art conservation science graduate and an avid perfume lover and food worshiper. Often, I find these fields coalesce. In my academic history, I once synthesized Tyrian purple (from hexaplex trunculus species) and found instant fame in the chemistry department, not for the right reasons, it stank very very much!Website, InstagramLisbon, Portugal
Francis NagyWriter and ArtistArt, Botany, Malodours, Linguistics, PsychologyIn August 2020 I graduated in Creative Writing at ArtEZ (Arnhem) and I'm now working as an autonomous writer. For my graduation thesis I researched smell and the words we don't have for it. Since then, I can't let go of the world of scents anymore.WebsiteArnhem, The Netherlands
Frank ThorpeUniversity of LiverpoolHistory, Sensory Studies, Cultural Heritage, Literature, MalodoursMy work, which is based upon archival research, explores the deodorisation of human bodies in modern British history. I am interested in how meanings associated with bodily odours and deodorant products have been constructed. More broadly, I have research interests in the olfactory in modern history.Website, TwitterLiverpool, United-Kingdom
Frank WilschutIndependent consultantChemistryMy expertise is chemistry of odour molecules, formation of odours, odour-structure relationships, malodours and ageing of odours. My interest is explaining the chemistry of odours to various audiences.LinkedInAmsterdam, The Netherlands
Françoise LeroyerLa mauve sauvage Botany, Cultural Heritage, Food & Aroma, Maps & Smellscapes, Sensory StudiesI am an Nature guide - herbalist and a teacher at the school of the Perfumes at Versailles.WebsiteDampierre en Yvelines, France
Friha Onjoud Romanistik, University of Vienna Literature, Malodours
I’m a PhD student writing about the malodorous in Baudelaire.EmailVienna, Austria
Février C.ContrebandeChemistry, Computer Science, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Sensory StudiesQSAR, GNNs, NLP, machine olfaction, VOC sensors, FPGAWebsite, GitHubDrummondville, Canada
Gabriella M. PatrickUniversity of StavangerHistory, Sensory Studies, Food & Aroma, Cultural Heritage, Consulting & Industry, Neuroscience, Maps & SmellscapesI am a historian of taste and have written widely on the chemosenses.Website, LinkedInStavanger, Norway
Giorgia M. Maffioli BrigattiUniversity of Cambridge Art History, Food & Aroma, Medicine, Sensory Studies, NeuroscienceI am working on a PhD project that centres on the sensory experience, in particular smells and perfumes, in early modern Iran. WebsiteCambridge, United-Kingdom
Hanna HodacsDept. of the History of Science and Ideas, Uppsala UniversityHistory, Botany, Food & AromaI am interested in the taste and smell of coffee and tea in early-modern Europe as part of a project in which I research how naturalists in Scandinavia developed substitutes for exotic goods. A central question in my work is: What can the histories of substitutions and their tastes and scents tell us about the relation between globalization and consumption?WebsiteUppsala, Sweden
Hannah PlattsRoyal Holloway, University of LondonArchaeology, Maps & Smellscapes, Cultural Heritage, Psychology, Sensory StudiesMapping smell in virtual reality for historic sites. Exploring impact of smell for audiences with sensory impairments. Interrogating relationship with smell and belonging, hierarchy and gender.Website, TwitterEgham, United-Kingdom
Heidi KarlssonAromatic Pathways, LLCAnthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, History, FragranceHistorian, Researcher, Natural Fragrances, Anthropologist, Cultural Heritage UNESCOLinkedInDallas, USA
Héctor Díaz GuevaraInstituto de Investigaciones Históricas, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de HidalgoCultural Heritage, Education, History, Sensory Studies, TourismI'm interested in the possibilities of using smells in the classrooom in a didactic way to stimulate the interest of my students in the teaching of history.TwitterMorelia, Mexico
Ilja CroijmansUtrecht UniversityComputer Science, Psychology, Food & AromaI study olfactory communication of states and traits between people, and language and thought of wine experts.Website, TwitterUtrecht, The Netherlands
India ColeOxford Botanic Garden & Queen Mary University of LondonHistory, Botany, Fragrance, Maps & Smellscapes, GLAMResearching the history of botany (Oxford Botanic Garden in particular) through a sensory lens. Particularly interested in distillation and perfume processes and tastes in the early-modern period, and how plants (through their many uses) shaped the smellscape of the 17th and 18th centuries. Would be keen to collaborate with likeminded researchers!TwitterLondon, United-Kingdom
Ineke HuysmanNL-Lab, KNAW Humanities ClusterCultural Heritage,
Food & Aroma
I'm researching the content of 150 unpublished perfume-related recipes of Dutchman Constantijn Huygens (1596-1687). Huygens' perfumery hobby arose from his interest in the natural sciences. He also derived status and prestige from it. Through the study of his correspondence I am attempting to uncover how he exchanged them with his extensive network of international contacts.Website, TwitterAmsterdam, The Netherlands
Ines VodopivecNational and University LibraryArt History, Cultural Heritage, GLAM, Heritage ScienceRepresentative of GLAM institution, digitisation, Europeana, IFLA. Website, LinkedInLjubljana, Slovenia
Isabel LauterjungArchivistArt, Cultural Heritage, Heritage Science, Linguistics, Maps & SmellscapesI first worked with olfactory heritage during my Master's dissertation on the Archiving and Preservation of Smell, very much focussed on a record keeping environment. I am very keen to stay involved and up-to-date with current research and work being done in this area and in a wider context. TwitterPerth, United-Kingdom
Isabelle ChazotOsmothèqueCultural Heritage, Fragrance, Literature, HistoryPhD thesis about smells in French Literature (19th century). Expertise in conservation of perfumes and olfactory heritage in l'Osmothèque.Website, InstagramVersailles, France
Isabelle CordemansArtistArtSince I can remember I have had a natural interest in synesthesia. My field of work is visual which I would like to expand with the olfactory synesthesia. Other then a keen sense of smell and a huge interest, I am looking to collaborate and gain some expertise as I define how to merge the visual and the olfactory in collaborations.Website, InstagramAntwerpen, Belgium
Isabelle Gellé-MarchantThe Perfumery Art SchoolEducation, Consulting & Industry, Design, Cultural HeritageAs a creative perfumer and course leader in the art of perfumery, I focus on the use of natural aromatics in perfume creation. My interest is to explore the universal art of perfumery, past and present. Website, href="https://instagram.com/the_perfumery_art_school_/uk" target="_blank" rel="noopener">InstagramHessle, United-Kingdom
Isabelle LarignonMaison HumeFood & Aroma, Fragrance, Art History, Sensory Studies, Marketing & PRSensory analysis, evaluation of perfumes and odors, formulation and composition of perfumes and odors; copy-writing.Website, LinkedInParis, France
Ivan SzekelyVera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives at Central European UniversityCultural Heritage, Education, MuseologyMy aim is to find potential relationships between archival documents and smells, for the purpose of exhibitions, art installations, multisensory involvement of visitors of archives, investigating the originality of documents, or even as an additional element of documentary evidence in court practice. WebsiteBudapest, Hungary
Jago SermasiAbaq DMCTourism, Cultural Heritage, History, Food & Aroma, BotanyOur olfactory tours provide a multisensorial experience through the culture, history, and lifestyle of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Granada, Spain. Thanks to a set of fragrances exclusively designed by a professional perfumer, we recreate the aromatic landscapes of this town along 10 centuries of its history while visiting monuments and emblematic locations of Granada.Website, LinkedInGranada, Spain
Jana Černá Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Centre for Human and Social Sciences (CCHS)History, Cultural Heritage, Sensory Studies, Botany, MedicineMarie Curie Fellow, Spanish National Research Council, Madrid – National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City, Hidden Spaces of American Natural History in Early Modern Central Europe (HISPANEMA) (Cultural History of Science): Reconstructions of the narratives and social, cultural, and epistemic lives of the American naturalia in Central Europe; Reconstruction of the olfactory memory of the New Spain nature.Website, TwitterMadrid, Spain
Janek AmannUniversity of CopenhagenComputer Science, LinguisticsData-driven computational modelling of smell. Computational analysis of perfumes. Olfaction and language.LinkedInCopenhagen, Denmark
Jane MillarArtist, Lecturer at University of CanterburyArtI have a great deal of interest in developing olfactory elements into my art works (sculpture), but as yet no expertise. I am looking for an expert / scientist to work with on an art development project, and applying for funding.Website, InstagramLondon, United-Kingdom
Jane ParkerUniversity of ReadingAnosmia, Chemistry, Food & Aroma, Sensory Studies, Malodours, Tools & InstrumentationAssociate Professor of Flavour chemistry at University of Reading specialising in aroma analysis, aroma generation, GC-olfactometry and relating aroma to sensory studies. In particular, interest in anosmia, and the molecular mechanisms of parosmia.Website, TwitterReading, United-Kingdom
Jane PlaillyCentre de Recherche en Neurosciences de LyonNeuroscience, PsychologyMy research project aims to identify the neural bases of the process of smell in humans. My main expertise is olfactory memory and especially episodic memory. I am also interested in cognitive process involved in the perception of smell (quality discrimination, emotional response, attention), and in the behavioral and neural impact of odor expertise. To carry out this research, I couple brain imaging techniques with experimental paradigms from cognitive psychology.WebsiteLyon, France
Jan PetkaAustria JuiceChemistry, Art, Food & Aroma, Sensory Studies
I started my career as a flavour scientist. In 2005 I entered the flavour industry and became a flavourist. Flavour and especially odour keep fascinating me.Website, LinkedInKröllendorf, Austria
Jan UprichardUlster UniversityArt, Maps & Smellscapes, Sensory Studies, Tools & Instrumentation, Botany, AnthropologyI'm an artist, currently undertaking a PhD to create a method of Deep Smelling, using anthropology, cartography and everyday ritual.Website, LinkedInBelfast, Northern Ireland
Jasmine LarakiSorbonne University - Paris 1Art History, Sensory Studies, Anthropology, Art, Literature
A M.A. student in Art History at the University of Paris, my dissertation focuses on the intertwinement of olfactive culture and British Aesthetic & Decadent paintings, positing that a self-consciousness about the evocation of smell was part of British art. To this end, I chart the evocation of smell by painters such as Lawrence Alma-Tadema and Aubrey Beardsley.Website, LinkedInParis, France
Jeff SchrammMissouri University of Science and TechnologyHistory, Sensory Studies, MalodoursHistorian of technology interested in scents and smells of railways, mining, and other heavy industry. Website, TwitterRolla, USA
Jiaqi LiaoSun Yat-sen UniversityComputer Science, Cultural HeritageI am a PhD student at Sun Yat-sen University, specializing in library and information science. My research spans digital humanities, information organization. My doctoral work centers on olfactory cues in Chinese literature and art.emailGuangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
Jieling XiaoBirmingham City UniversityAnthropology, Art, Cultural Heritage, Design, Maps & SmellscapesThe use of smells in art and spatial practices as well as the smell rituals in Asian cultures.Website, TwitterBirmingham, United-Kingdom
Jil ZachmanJ. PeraAnthropology, Architecture, Art, Chemistry, Cultural HeritageI have two years of courses, equivalent of a certification, at the Institute for Art and Olfaction in Los Angeles. In addition, I am the founder and lead culture heritage scent maker at J.Pera. J.Pera is a small-batch, hand-crafted cultural heritage scent company. Our cultural heritage scents include geographically defined regions, culinary regions, and fine art translations into scent. Website, InstagramLos Angeles, USA
Johana BurbanoScience for ChangeArt, Education, Maps & Smellscapes, Psychoogy, Cultural HeritageWe are pioneers in using citizen science applied to odours, we have an application called OdourCollect to create collaborative odour maps. These collaborative maps can be for pleasant or unpleasant odours. Our goal is to make the sense of smell visible.Website, TwitterBarcelona, Spain
John PlaterUniversity of AberdeenChemistry, Heritage Science, Cultural HeritageMy interest: the historical smell of an aniline dye factory and a coal-tar distilling factory, worker health and safety and working conditions.WebsiteAberdeen, United-Kingdom
Jonas OlofssonStockholm UniversityLinguistics, Neuroscience, PsychologyProfessor of Psychology, studies olfactory perception, memory and language with behavioral and neuroscientific methods.Website, TwitterStockholm, Sweden
Jonas van KappelStockholm UniversityArt, Education, Museology, Philosophy, Sensory StudiesI wrote my bachelor thesis in Art History about the aesthetics and effects of olfactory art on audiences in contemporary art exhibitions, specifically in the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam and am rewriting this into a publishable article for Stedelijk Studies.Website, href="https://www.instagram.com/yesitsjonas/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">InstagramStockholm, Sweden
Jonathan MayhewArtistArt, Literature, Philosophy, Museology, Art HistoryOlfactive artworks have become part of my practice in the last few years. It's an area I'm currently researching deeper. Alongside this I also explore perfume through words as a way to try and understand their construction & the cultural and conceptual realities contained within them. Scent & technology is an area I'm interested in exploring. What does the internet smell like?Website, InstagramDublin, Ireland
Jorge Otero-PailosColumbia UniversityArt, Cultural Heritage, ArchitectureMaking artworks based on olfactory reconstructions, in collaboration with perfumers. Teaching graduate level courses in collaboration with neuroscientists, and advising theses on olfaction applied to cultural heritage. Writing on smell as/in cultural heritage preservation.Website, InstagramNew York, USA
Joël CandauUniversity Côte d'AzurAnthropology, Sensory Studies, Neuroscience, Cultural Heritage, Food & AromaMy research area is cognitive and sensory anthropology. In the field of sensory sciences, I have published over 50 articles and 4 books, including: Candau J., Le Gonidec M.-B. (éds.). 2013. Paysages sensoriels. Paris, CTHS ; Candau J. 2000. Mémoire et expériences olfactives. Anthropologie d'un savoir-faire sensoriel. Paris, PUF.WebsiteNice, France
Julia BiggsIndependentArt, Art History, Food & Aroma, Sensory StudiesMy recent research explores Jewish material and culinary culture in the early modern period, focusing on how the senses fundamentally change the affective and communicative capacities of objects.WebsiteCambridge, United-Kingdom
Julia Coma VilarasauFreelanceArt, Design, Food & AromaA transdisciplinary creative-consultant/artist-researcher who develops her activity across multiple areas of knowledge. Currently learning and self-training her nose to deeply understand the olfactory language as a tool to enrich the perception of her sensorial subjective projects.Website, InstagramParis, France
Karein GoertzUniversity of Michigan Literature, Education, Maps & SmellscapesI'm interested in the fragrances of places, man made and natural, and how these connect to memory & emotion. My potential contribution to your project: olfactory descriptions in literary works, creation of smell maps. WebsiteAnn Arbor, USA
Karola BragaUniversity of São PauloArt, Fragrance, Art History, Education, LinguisticsAs a researcher I have been exploring smell and its aesthetic concepts. As an artist, the olfactory dimension is a common element in my work. Because it is filled with symbolic and cultural construction, besides its own capacity to evoke memories. I make use of it to create experiences that can trigger memories and at the end: tell stories.Website, InstagramSão Paulo, Brazil
Katelynn RobinsonIndependent scholarHistory, Sensory StudiesOlfaction in medieval Europe, especially in scholastic contexts (history of science and medicine, history of religion).Website, Twitter
Garnett, USA
Kate McLeanUniversity of KentDesign
Maps & Smellscapes, Education, Cultural Heritage, Tools & Instrumentation
Creator of smellscape maps / smellmaps. Designer of smellwalk methdologies and original visual symbols and olfactory representation to research and communicate lived experience of smell perception, especially in urban environments.Website, TwitterCanterbury, United-Kingdom
Kate StevensUniversity of WaikatoHistory, Cultural HeritageMy research examines the way in which smell is linked to history, marketing, and place-based intellectual property in the French Pacific world and France from the 19th century to the present. I am particularly interested in the de- and re-odorization of coconut and other oils as part of the colonial and industrial transformations of food and beauty products and how these are connected to place and memory today.Website, TwitterHamilton, New Zealand
Kathrin GrotzInstitut für Museumsforschung, Staatliche Museen zu BerlinBotany, Cultural Heritage, Museology, GLAM, Heritage ScienceInterested in the role of the olfactory aspect in GLAM exhibits, visitor experience & history of collections. 18 years experience in curating botanical exhibits, the aspect of scent included in multiple ways.Website, TwitterBerlin, Germany
Katja WeidnerUniversity of ViennaFragrance, Literature, Malodours, Philosophy, Sensory StudiesAs a scholar of Medieval Latin literature, I am currently working on how fragrance (and malodours) are represented and implemented in the literature of the Latin Middle Ages, and how these dynamics are informed by scientific and theological discourse.WebsiteVienna, Austria
Kerstin StrömbergArt in ExperienceFragrance, Botany, History, Cultural Heritage, DesignArt Director, perfumer, humanities student. I started to make my own perfumes in 2016. I am interested in multisensory expressions where the scent has a meaningful part. In recent years, I have experimented with exhibition forms like stories about places and cultural heritage, my own as well as co-creative projects.Website, InstagramGothenburg, Sweden
Klara RavatSmell LabArt, Consulting & Industry, Design, Education, FragranceThe Smell Lab Studio is a platform for olfactory art and inter-disciplinary practices related to scent as a medium for expression and communication. Our main mission is to co-produce, host, educate, innovate and support artistic practices that involve the sense of smell and olfaction. Website, InstagramBerlin, Germany
Laiquan ZouSouthern Medical UniversityAnosmia, Food & Aroma, Linguistics, Psychology, NeuroscienceOlfaction and social cognition, emotion, and language.Website, TwitterGuangzhou, China
Lara FontanaCimec, University of TrentoFood & Aroma, PsychologyI am a PhD student in Neuroscience and I am interested in olfactory perception and odor imagery.WebsiteRovereto, Italy
Laura SpeedRadboud UniversityAnosmia, Linguistics, Psychology, Sensory StudiesI am an experimental psychologist that conducts research assessing the relationship between smell and language. I am a member of the Netherlands Olfactory Science Exchange (NOSE network).Website, href="https://twitter.com/laurajspeed" target="_blank" rel="noopener">TwitterNijmegen, The Netherlands
Laurie ChetwoodChetwoods StudioArchitecture, Design, Neuroscience, Psychology, Sensory StudiesWe design buildings, gardens and products that take account of human senses, emotions and instincts, exploring the 5 senses - including smell - to achieve a sixth sense that optimises user experience in different contexts and environments. Website, InstagramLondon, United-Kingdom
Lena FerridayUniversity of BristolHistory, Sensory StudiesI am a PhD candidate in History at University of Bristol and University of Exeter. My PhD research explores the embodied engagement of Victorian tourists with the landscapes of South-West England. I am currently considering the relationship between sensual experience and its representation in language and am broadly interested in the multi-sensory interactions between humans and the environment.Website, TwitterBristol, United-Kingdom
Liam FindlayAroma PrimeConsulting & Industry, Design, Tourism, Education, Marketing & PR, GLAMUsing attractions design and storytelling experience to advise the likes of museums, theme parks and retail in effectively immersing, engaging and influencing guests with themed scents; from 'Pirate Ship' to 'Penguin Poo'.Website, TwitterRochdale, United-Kingdom
Linnea ApelmanUppsala UniversityFood & Aroma, Education, Linguistics, Sensory Studies, Tools & Instrumentation, Marketing & PRSensory Studies, olfactory function, Sniffin' Sticks, odor acceptance, awareness and use of odor cues in everyday life. Personal significance of odor, food odors.WebsiteUppsala, Sweden
Lizzie MarxNational Gallery of IrelandArt, Museology, Art History, History, Sensory StudiesI explore the visualisation, perception, and interpretation of smell in art, particularly in Dutch art. As a member of Odeuropa, I work on using AI to source historic imagery related to smell, and incorporating the olfactory in museum and heritage initiatives.Website, TwitterDublin, Ireland
Maari PõimDept. of Erasmus+ and ESC, Estonian National AgencyEducation, Maps & Smellscapes, Sensory StudiesWhen it comes to smells and sensory aspects, in particular malodours often get omitted and disregarded as impolite or insignificant. However, as an owner of a sharp nose, such sensory information has helped me see a more nuanced picture and build lasting impressions and memories. Professionally, I am a gender expert and trainer, with an academic background in Gender Studies, Cityscape/Urban Sciences, and Adult Education.LinkedInTallinn, Estonia
Magdalena GiacomelliGoldsmith's College, University of LondonCultural Heritage,
Sensory Studies,
I am a third year UG student writing my undergraduate dissertation on the sancticity of odors, european olfactory heritage. I also have a fragrance/smell related personal blog and an active community of blog readers and passionates.InstagramLondon, United-Kingdom
Majid AghelTarshiz Innovation and Acceleration CenterChemistry, Computer Science, Education, Sensory StudiesDue to the importance of categorizing odors and studying them better, we in a startup team are investigating the issue. Website, InstagramKashmar, Iran
Manon BelletIndividual artistArt, Botany, Chemistry, AnthropologyI am a French artist based in New Orleans. I began my field research in 2017 to extract scents from specific areas of the Mississippi Delta region affected by coastal erosion. I sampled natural flora and fauna, water and soil and sentimental objects of the people who lived there. Through my research and studio practice, I create a multi-sensory body of work that plays with what we see, hear, smell and feel.Website, LinkedInNew Orleans, USA
Manon RaffardUniversité de BourgogneSensory Studies, Cultural Heritage, Fragrance, Literature, Botany
PhD student with a focus on late-nineteenth century olfactory culture, working on cultural studies and olfaction, critical smell studies, olfaction and ethnobotany, olfactory epistemologies, material culture, the sensorium, and olfactory semiotics. Open to all types of sensory or scent-related collaborations!WebsiteDijon, France
Marc DombroskySouthwestern Michigan CollegeArt, Art History, Food & Aroma, Maps & Smellscapes, Sensory StudiesDesigning curricula for courses in visual art, design, and art history that explore sensory experiences and synesthesia. WebsiteEau Claire, USA
Marco PeruginiIndependent ResearcherLinguistics, Literature, Sensory StudiesSensory linguistics; I am working on a monograph on the linguistics of the sense of olfaction in the Italian language.TwitterRome, Italy
Marianna ObristUniversity College LondonComputer Science, Design, Sensory StudiesMy research expertise is in Human-Computer Interaction, where I am developing novel multisensory, including olfactory, interfaces and devices for a range of use cases (e.g. immersive VR, automotive, entertainment, healthcare/smell training). I am also a co-founder of OWidgets, a spin-out that is commercialising novel smell hardware and software solutions for the medical and consumer markets.Website, TwitterLondon, United-Kingdom
Marie ClapotThe Metropolitan Museum of ArtArt, Art History, Education, GLAM, Sensory Studies, Cultural HeritageAs a museum educator concerned with accessibility in museums, my research interest lies in understanding sensory perception, specifically olfactory processes, and learning about scents to design effective sensory experiences that are relevant to the visitors, anchor visitors in their own sensory experience, and/or unveil new dimensions of the works of art.WebsitePawling, USA
Mariela AiresReckittFragrance, Chemistry, Malodours, Sensory StudiesFragrance expert with cross-category and global experience. I'm an industrial chemist with a master's degree in Fragrances and Cosmetics from ISIPCA, and I have experience in working at global fragrance houses as well as large FMCG companies. Today I work specifically with innovation and I'm interested in all fragrance innovation related areas.Website, LinkedInHull, United-Kingdom
Marie NeumannKunsthochschule HalleArt, Education, LinguisticsIn my final thesis I write about Olfactory Art, the materiality of smell and possibilities for the use in art educationWebsiteHalle (Saale), Germany
Marika VecchiattiniJournalist, author, and trainerCultural Heritage, Fragrance, History, Consulting & Industry, EducationAs a perfume journalist and storyteller I authored two books available worldwide ("The Perfume Language" and "The Great Italian Perfumery handbook"). As a trainer, I offer courses, lectures and ateliers to children, adults, companies. "Bergamotto e Benzoino" is the name of my (bilingual) blog, running since 2006.Website, LinkedInGenoa, Italy
Marina BarcenillaMarina Barcenilla Parfums and AromAtom in UK. Academia del Perfume in Spain.Fragrance, Education, Consulting & Industry, Maps & Smellscapes, Art
Perfumer and fragrance educator specialising in natural raw materials. Doctoral Researcher and Space Scientist using olfaction as a science education and communication tool. Interested in the intersection between fragrance and olfaction with science and art.Website, InstagramGlastonbury, United Kingdom
Marjolein PoortvlietCharles UniversityLinguistics, HistoryPhD (2018) on the descriptive perception verbs (look, sound, smell, taste, feel) in the history of Dutch: how they came about, how they were used and how they have expanded their meanings. Just like in synesthesia, the senses of a language become intertwined and mixed over time.Website, TwitterPrague, Czech Republic
Martine Adrian-ScottoInstitut de Chimie de NiceChemistry, Art, Neuroscience, Sensory Studies, PsychologyCross-modal perception involving odors in humans (music and odors, plastic arts and odors).WebsiteNice, France
Maya ZittingAïstimoConsulting & Industry, Art, Education, Tools & Instrumentation, Design, Food & AromaMultisensory advisory and experiences.WebsiteParis, France
Małgorzata RygielskaUniveristy of SilesiaAnthropology, Cultural Heritage, Heritage Science, History, LiteratureThe cultural history of smell, “smell museums” in Poland and Europe, the role of smells in cultural heritage, cultural differences in scents categorization, olfactory symbolism, the significance of local culture’s olfactory systems in fieldwork and classical works of cultural anthropology, the history/the histories of perfumes, literary descriptions of smells.WebsiteKatowice, Poland
Melody LiUniversity of OxfordArchaeology, Botany, Food & Aroma, Fragrance, MedicineI am commencing my PhD on investigating past taste and smell in archaeology. Using archaeobotanical methods and a sensory archaeology approach, I will investigate ancient tea and ceramic vessels in China, including past tea flavours and the effects of vessel size and shape on the release of aromas.LinkedInOxford, United-Kingdom
Merit HondelinkUniversity of GroningenArchaeology, Botany, Cultural Heritage, Food & Aroma, HistoryI am an archaeobotanist and culinary historian, interested in historical Dutch urban food consumption practices. For my PhD I study plant remains found in cesspits, food purchases from urban institutions, and ingredients in early modern cookbooks. I combine the results to test discipline-specific biases, and to uncover and explain how (vegetal) food items were produced, procured, prepared, consumed, and disposed.Website, TwitterGroningen, The Netherlands
Meritxell VirgiliBarcelone Art Contemporani Fabra i CoatsAnthropology, Art, Cultural Heritage, Linguistics, Maps & SmellscapesCultural agent, anthropologist with a perspective on art; an observation method and strategy which begin from the olfactory world; these involve me professionally in academic projects but they can also be applied to and considered in the areas of diverse communication, research, art innovation, and new creative environments.Website, InstagramBarcelona, Spain
Michela Martina NardiIndependent curatorArt, Consulting & Industry, Fragrance, HistoryI'm passionate about the history of perfume from 1500 to 1900, with a particular focus on Venezia and Italy. I'm also passionate about the history of woman painters in the same period.LinkedInVerona, Italy
Mojca RamšakUniversity of LjubljanaAnthropology, Cultural Heritage, Heritage Science, Philosophy, LinguisticsAnthropological and interdisciplinary research in olfactory heritage and sensory data mining.WebsiteLjubljana, Slovenia
Nadia WiwatwichaIndependentArchitecture, Art, Design, History, Maps & Smellscapes, Heritage ScienceI am a designer who is interested in digital humanities. I created two art projects centred around the memory of smells. The first project was an immersive theater piece experimenting with smells as markers of rhythm. The second was a data representation in form of poetry about the association of memory of smells and memory of home by conducting surveys in the city's public spaces. WebsiteBangkok, Thailand
Nalinnath DeesawadiSilpakorn UniversityArt History, Art, Botany, Design, FragranceI am a Ph.D. candidate in Design (study in Bangkok). My Ph.D. topic is related to scent experience design which I link to a Thai smell culture. I also take the aromatherapy diploma course to understand more about the relationship between herbs and humans.Website, FacebookBangkok, Thailand
Nancy Ellen RawsonMonell Chemical Senses CenterAnosmia, Food & Aroma, Neuroscience, Sensory Studies, Consulting & IndustryI currently lead the Monell Chemical Senses Center, a nonprofit research institute who's mission is to improve public health through the understanding of smell, taste and the related senses. My expertise is in nutrition, cell and molecular biology of taste and smell, and the impact of environment, health and experience on taste and smell perception.Website, LinkedInPhiladelphia, USA
Natalia KucirkovaUniversity of StavangerComputer Science, Education, Literature, Psychology, Sensory StudiesI am leading a project funded by the Norwegian Research Council focused on children's olfactory experiences in relation to stories and early reading skills. I am relatively new to olfaction as a research field and am keen to learn from colleagues how children's sense of smell can be optimally engaged in learning experiences.Website, TwitterStavanger, Norway
Natalia SáIndependant perfumer and psychologistFragrance, Psychologyi'm a natural perfumer and psychologist. I am interested in studying the link between smells, olfactory memory and emotions and its relationship with cultural identity.InstagramBuenos Aires, Argentina
Nicole van der PoelIndependent perfumerFragrance, Sensory Studies, Maps & Smellscapes, Consulting & Industry, MalodoursAs a trained perfumer I have knowledge in formulation, smelling, evaluation and fragrance design and a huge passion for perfumes. That is why I believe Odeuropa to be a very interesting project. It will give another dimension to the heritage of perfumes and enrich the fragrance industry.LinkedInThe Hague, The Netherlands
Nikki KaneUniversity of the West of Scotland, University of EdinburghArt, Art History, Museology, Cultural Heritage, DesignUse of scent as an artistic material, modern and contemporary art practice.WebsiteGlasgow, United-Kingdom
Norman MazelCoffee Quality InstituteFood & Aroma, Sensory Studies, Anosmia, Tools & InstrumentationCoffee industry sensory professional. Licensed (5+ years) "Q Grader". Taster/cupper for Arabica and Robusta coffee qualities. Currently studying for Coffee Processing Professional Expert level, with focus on flavour development/adjustment through fermentation practices. Long covid patient with smell loss (since June '20), but in slow recovery...Website, LinkedInSoest, The Netherlands
Nuri McBrideInstitute for Art and OlfactionCultural HeritagePerfumer, researcher, smell culture educatorWebsite, TwitterHaifa, Israel
Olga EmeretliTTF Fragrances, Vilhelm ParfumerieConsulting & Industry, Fragrance, Literature, Art, Cultural HeritagePerfumery, its history and modern approach to story-telling and product development started interesting me since 2008. Since 2011 I managed to move into the industry and gained experience in many aspects of it, such as selling, marketing, development and manufacturing of fine fragrance and luxury goods.LinkedInLondon, United-Kingdom
On BarakTel Aviv UniversityHistoryI'm a historian of science and technology in non-Western settings currently writing a history of heat in the Middle East apropos global warming. A significant part of the project is devoted to the changing attitudes to sweat from the 18th to mid-20th centuries in the Ottoman Empire, Russia, and the Middle East.WebsiteTel Aviv, Israel
Patrick PalcicStudio Patrick PalcicArt, Design, Marketing & PR, FragranceThe scope of my projects range from small batches of odour molecules to producing large-scale immersive installations. The primary goal of my work is to reflect the broad spectrum of the nose and our sense of smell in a synesthetic manner.Website, InstagramBerlin, Germany
Pauline DevrieseGhent UniversityArt History, Design, Fragrance, Art, MuseologyI am a Master's student focusing on the historical cohesion of fashion and olfactory history and how these sources are represented in Western museum collections and exhibitions.LinkedInGhent, Belgium
Pedro PioUniversidade Estadual de CampinasFood & Aroma, Sensory StudiesI am a PhD student in Sensory Science and Consumer Studies. I have 10 years experience in confectionery manufacture, especially in chocolate technology. My research interests are the effects of the processing parameters on the perception of chocolate flavor.Website, LinkedInCampinas, Brazil
Priscilla KoukouiOviSquareFood & Aroma, Sensory Studies, Art, Computer Science, PsychologyMultisensory stories or multisensory design in immersive environments. Gustation and olfaction in virtual reality, augmented reality and projection mapping. Olfactory art - scent creation and soundscape.Website, LinkedInSydney, Australia
Prudence Hubert-LajournadeIndependentConsulting & Industry, Education, Marketing & PR, LinguisticsMarketing graduate with eight years of postgraduate experience in the beauty industry, mostly in product innovation. Started my career alongside my studies as a part-time sales consultant for so-called niche fragrance brands at Le Bon Marché in Paris. More recently, I've also provided training on the in-house product development process to fellow colleagues at Parfums Christian Dior. Love writing & playing with words.LinkedInParis, France
Qian Janice WangAarhus UniversityPsychology, Sensory Studies, Computer Science, Cultural Heritage, DesignSensory science researcher with background in computer science and experimental psychology, wine expertWebsite, LinkedInAarhus, Denmark
Renske van VroonhovenAttic LabFragrance, Art, Design, Sensory StudiesI'm an independent perfumer specialising in the practical application of scent in contexts that are out of the ordinary. Teacher at the Royal Academy of Art in 'Practical Application of Scent in Artwork'.WebsiteArnhem, The Netherlands
Ricardo RamosRicardo Ramos Perfumes de AutorFragrance, Art History, Cultural Heritage, Design, HistoryI'm an independent perfumer trained with the ingredients from the laboratories Quest International (Ashford), Givaudan (Paris) and MG-Firmenich (Istanbul). I currently have my perfumery line/brand with creations composed by myself and also in collaboration with other perfumers. My line explores medieval heritage related to Al-Andalus and medieval Christianity.Website, InstagramGranada, Spain
Ricardo Rivadeneira GuzmánSeppia CulturaArt, Cultural Heritage, Museology, Archaeology, AnthropologyI am a patrimonial manager and museographer. The foundation that I direct is in charge of the preservation and dissemination of the memory and heritage of Ecuador. I seek to generate affective links between smell and memory. As a heritage conservator, I believe that smells can tell us things that are not visible.Website, TwitterQuito, Ecuador
Romain KrafftPerfumistComputer Science, Design, Fragrance, Education, Tools & InstrumentationAt Perfumist we are developing mobile and web apps for perfume lovers and perfume professionals. Our public app now has more than 1M download with users all around the world. We are passionate about Fragrances and we are on a mission to share this passion with perfume consumers around the world.Website, InstagramGrasse, France
Rosa GonzálezFreelance journalistArt History, Art, Fragrance, Literature, PsychologyIn the past, I worked as journalist, specialising in beauty and fragrances. That's the reason why I wrote, "La historia del perfume" (The history of fragrance).EmailMadrid, Spain
Rosalie Mignonne van VelsenUn Po' di PiuArt,
Cultural Heritage,
Sensory Studies,
As an artist i started a startup named Un po' di più, (a bit more) organising events around biodynamic wine. With wine at the heart of a search to awaking the senses in society. What do I smell? How do I taste? We believe by creating events we can gather people and spark them up by consciously experiencing our senses. From our senses we can start awareness. Website, LinkedInAmsterdam, The Netherlands
Rose ByfleetBirkbeck College, University of London and The Medici Archive Project, FlorenceArt History, History, GLAM, Cultural Heritage, Marketing & PRRose’s doctoral research considers perfume culture at the Medici court in Florence 1537 -1670. Her MA research (2018) on the medicinal use of fragrance in early modern Italy was the creative inspiration for the Lush ‘Perfume Library’ concept store, perfume range and spa treatment (2019).Website, InstagramFlorence, Italy
Rose MalikDurham UniversityArchaeologyArchaeologist with research & specialism in olfactory archaeologyWebsiteDurham, United-Kingdom
Roxana GirjuUniversity of IllinoisLinguistics, Computer Science, Sensory StudiesI am interested in studying and mapping the sensory spaces across languages with applications to literature, healthcare, human-computer interaction. WebsiteUrbana, USA
Rūta DaunoravičienėKvapu namai, LtdChemistry, Botany, Fragrance, Tools & InstrumentationI can contribute with chemical GC-MS analyses; expertise in aromatic plant extracts' odor and chemical profiles; their use and compounding for aromatherapy, health and wellness, perfumery and cosmetics; safety assessment. I'm interested in historical roots of current use of botanicals, historical perfumes and recreation/reconstruction.WebsiteVilnius, Lithuania
Samantha LevyUniversity of Central FloridaHistory, Sensory StudiesI am currently working on my master's thesis: How to involve the sense of smell in a sensory multimedia exhibit. I work with ancient Near Eastern medical records.EmailOrlando, USA
Sana BenbelliUniversité Hassan II CasablancaAnthropology, Food & Aroma, Architecture, Malodours, ArtMy personal work project revolves around two types of odours: those of the interior, especially culinary, and those of the exterior, but close to the land, orchard, and especially the droppings of horses, cows and others. Website, LinkedInCasablanca, Morocco
Sarah-Maria SchoberUniversity of ZurichHistory, Art History, Medicine, Fragrance, MalodoursI am an early modern historian working on animal perfumes like musk, ambergris and especially civet. I also have a profound interest in disgust, its ambiguities and connections to smell as well as early modern history, human-animal-studies and gender.Website, TwitterZurich, Switzerland
Sarah McCartney4160 Tuesdays LtdFragrance, Consulting & Industry, Cultural Heritage, Malodours, Tools & InstrumentationI am an indie perfumer based in London. My fragrance brand 4160Tuesdays started in 2011, and I set up an online scent slow school Scenthusiasm in 2019. I have scented music and dance performances with BitterSuite, operas, poetry and art exhibitions and love to share the secrets of scent making.Website, InstagramLondon, United-Kingdom
Sarah WilkieScottish Centre for Food Development and InnovationSensory Studies, Food & AromaConsumer science and product developmentWebsite, TwitterEdinburgh, United-Kingdom
Sara PezzolesiGerrit Rietveld AcademieFragrance, Art, Design, Sensory Studies, PhilosophyI'm developing sensorial art project with a particular attention to smell. I personally designed and created specific fragrances for my installations.WebsiteAmsterdam, The Netherlands
Sara SilverFaculty of Human and Social Sciences, NOVA FCSHSensory Studies, Literature, Psychology, History, Maps & SmellscapesIntersections between literature, culture and science, particularly evolutionary readings. Interested in the potential of literature for the study of real human (and non-human) relationships, emotions, and decision making through various stimuli.WebsiteLisbon, Portugal
Sean CoughlinCzech Academy of SciencesHeritage Science, Philosophy,Archaeology, Botany, ChemistryReplicating recipes and techniques of ancient Greco-Egyptian perfumery using archaeology, philology and natural products chemistry. Placing perfumery in the broader context of ancient Mediterranean philosophy and alchemy.Website, TwitterPrague, Czech Republic
Shivani KapoorO.P. Jindal Global UniversityAnthropology, History, Malodours, Sensory StudiesMy research involves exploring the connections between leatherwork, odours and caste in the Indian leather industry. I am also interested in exploring smells in technical education in leatherwork and in environmental impacts of the tanning industry. Website, TwitterSonipat, India
Shuo MuUniversity of WageningenChemistry, Sensory Studies, Food & AromaWorking on fat smell. Explore what aroma compound may drive people to think of fat or help people judgement fat content by odour.WebsiteWageningen, The Netherlands
Silvina KatzOpen UniversityLiterature, Linguistics, Sensory Studies, Philosophy, PsychologyResearching the role of the senses in uncovering literary atmosphere with a special interest in Latin American short stories.Website, TwitterMilton Keynes, United-Kingdom
Simin FrenchPerfumisticsConsulting & Industry, Fragrance, Psychology, Art History, PhilosophyForty-three years industry experience across almost all disciplines while living in many countries. Distillation to management, strategist, turnkey projects, niche fine fragrance, microencapsulation, M&A, Oud nut. Website, LinkedIn.Barcelona, Spain
Siôn ParkinsonLeeds UniversityMalodours, Art, Philosophy, History, BotanyPerformance artist, musician and composer. I'm a PhD candidate at Leeds researching how foul-smelling atmospheres can be used to think about being musically (dis)attuned. Much of my recent work has been informed by the phallic image and foetid stench of the stinkhorn mushroom and its history in 'botanical' illustration and description. I'm looking to collaborate with others to produce and share work on stink.Website, TwitterDundee, United-Kingdom
Stephanie FeuerFreelance JournalistAnosmia, Marketing & PR, Psychology, Sensory StudiesI've written about olfaction for consumer publications including Smithsonian Magazine and Narratively. My work has also appeared in The New York Times, Slate, NBC News, Good Housekeeping and more. Also edit the newsletter for the GCCR. Website, TwitterNew York, USA
Stephanie WeismannUniversity of ViennaSensory Studies, Maps & Smellscapes, History, Cultural Heritage, Anthropology
I am interested in sensory history, history of experience, emotional geographies, urban (but not only) sensescapes (especially smells and textures), history of everyday life, and the social and cultural history of East Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe.WebsiteVienna, Austria
Susana AssunçãoLes SensesFood & Aroma, Sensory Studies, Consulting & Industry, Tourism
I’m a tea sommelier, because of that I have olfactory training.Website, InstagramPorto, Portugal
Suzanne WhitbySensescapesAnthropology, Archaeology, Sensory Studies, Maps & Smellscapes, HistoryI am a sensory studies scholar exploring the lived experiences of people, primarily in the ancient world. Although I am interested in all the senses, my current area of research is focusing on scent in the Roman world and how to create visual models and maps of ancient scentscapes to bring history to life. Website, TwitterInnsbruck, Austria
Szilvia PacsutaThe Estee Lauder CompaniesBotany, Education, Fragrance, Cultural Heritage, GLAM, Art HistoryTrainer and education manager at a prestige cosmetics and fragrance brand. I have a perfumery diploma and am learning about fragrances.Website, InstagramBudapest, Hungary
Tasha MarksAVM CuriositiesArt, Art History, Cultural Heritage, Museology, DesignAVM Curiosities has been exploring the relationship between art and the senses through a series of events and interventions since 2011. Founded by food historian Tasha Marks, AVM Curiosities champions the use of food and fragrance as artistic mediums, with projects ranging from museum exhibitions and scented installations to interactive lectures and limited-edition confectionery.Website, InstagramLondon, United-Kingdom
Thomas BuckleyIndependentArt, Cultural Heritage, Design, AnthropologyArtist and creative technologist exploring scent and new media in archival and live arts context.WebsiteBrighton, United-Kingdom
Tommaso De RobertisUniversity of PennsylvaniaPhilosophy, Medicine, HistoryAs an intellectual historian of Renaissance Europe, I am particularly interested in the dissemination, reception, and re-elaboration of theories of olfaction from the Graeco-Arabic world into medieval and Renaissance Europe, in both Latin and the vernacular.WebsitePhiladelphia, USA
Tom MurphyPossets PerfumeFragrance, Philosophy, LinguisticsI own and operate a small indie perfume company.Website, InstagramCincinnati, USA
Valerie RyanBoston UniversityFood & Aroma, Sensory Studies, Cultural Heritage, Chemistry, EducationI am a food scientist and food studies scholar. I have expertise in scientific and socio-cultural aspects of food and the senses as well as sensory evaluation of food. My background also includes nutrition and culinary arts.WebsiteBoston, USA
Victor FraigneauENSA Paris-la-Villette, Gerphau laboratoryPhilosophy, Architecture, Maps & SmellscapesI'm an Architect and Ph.D. in Architecture. I wrote my thesis on the links between the field of architecture and the world of smell. I edited the collaborative book 'Nouveaux Territoires de l'Expérience Olfactive'. I am specialized in contemporary philosophy of smell, especially phenomenology. I researched among other things on creative ways of designing with smells, sustainable tourism linked to smell, smell heritage in architecture and the landscape.Website, TwitterParis, France
Victoria GaigerRakesprogress / Rakes Sense MagazineFragrance, Art, Design, Architecture, Art HistoryI'm and editor and creative director working across editorial and commercial projects involving fragrance. We interview experts in fragrance for features within the magazine and create content for fragrance houses.Website, InstagramLondon, United-Kingdom
Virginia Utermohlen LovelaceDivision of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University, Ithaca NY (retired)Food & Aroma, Education, Neuroscience, Sensory Studies, PsychologyAroma chemistry of Camellia sinensis teas and wines; sensory perception and neurological responses to aromas & flavours; nutritional sciences; history of food choices and preparation; course creation, delivery, and evaluation. Author of "Tea: A Nerd's Eye View," and scientific creator of the "Scents of Tea" kit, winner of Best of Tea award, World Tea Expo 2020; streamer, twitch.tv/vul100.WebsiteChelmsford, USA
Viveka KjellmerUniversity of GothenburgArt, Art History, Design, Fragrance, Sensory StudiesI am Associate Professor in Art History and Visual Studies at the University of Gothenburg. My research interests are olfactory art and scented art history, sensory marketing and the image of scent, as well as ‘olfactory costuming’ and perfume as identity statement. WebsiteGothenburg, Sweden
Yasmine El GhamrawyYatlinaFragranceI am a certified aromatherapist and a natural skincare formulator. I grew up in Egypt where smells of flowers and spices were everywhere and I loved discovering new scents. This has developed into a love of aromatherapy where I use natural oils and plant extracts to help me in my daily life and in coping with mental and physical wellbeing.Website, InstagramLondon, United-Kingdom
Yehudah RothWolfson Medical Center, Tel Aviv UniversityAnosmia, Art, Neuroscience, Medicine, Psychology, LiteratureI'm a Professor at TAU, director of the Institute for Nose and Sinus Therapy and Clinical Investigations, involved in several clinical and neurobiological studies on nasal functions, mainly olfaction, some with the Weizmann Institute. I am also an avid artist. I am interested in the cognitive and cultural aspects of olfaction, and recently curated a large olfactory art exhibition in Israel.Website, FacebookHolon, Israel
Yiwei ChenSouth China Agricultural UniversityBotany, Design, Heritage Science, Maps & Smellscapes, HistoryFocus on smellscape design and aesthetics of Chinese traditional gardens as well as olfactory perception and conservation of heritage smells.LinkedInGuangzhou, China
Yolanda Uriz ElizaldeInstrument InventorsArt, Fragrance, Anthropology, Chemistry, Sensory StudiesI have been working in the field of multi-sensory art for more than ten years. My research involves smell-sound synesthesia. WebsiteBarcelona, Spain
Yolanda Uriz ElizaldeInstrument Inventors InitiativeArt, FragranceI am an artist focused on creating experiences that include smell, sound and technology. I investigate the role of the proximity senses (smell, taste and touch) within the new virtual reality paradigm where humans are hybridizing with digital technology.WebsiteBarcelona, Spain
Zya KaneIndependent Artist/Sensory Theatre MakerArt, Design, Education, Maps & Smellscapes, Sensory StudiesI am a theatre maker exploring sensory and immersive work through stories, memory and the senses. I am delving into scent creation and scent scapes in relation to this.WebsiteMelbourne, Australia
Áki Guðni KarlssonUniversity of IcelandAnthropology, Cultural Heritage, Heritage Science, History, Malodours, Sensory Studies, Tourism, Tools & Instrumentation, MuseologyI am particularly interested in instruments for documenting changes in smellscapes. The disappearance of tobacco from bars, for example, or malodours associated with industrial processes. Also personal stories about smells and memories of smell.WebsiteReykjavík, Iceland