Victoria-Anne Michel

Victoria-Anne Michel

History of smell and olfactory heritage (WP5)

Victoria-Anne Michel has an interdisciplinary background in social sciences and urbanism as well as a passion for smells and perfumes. She graduated from Bordeaux Institute of Political Studies and trained in Cinquième Sens Institute to become an olfactory designer.

She is convinced that senses are essential to understand our relationship with the world. Smells and spaces both carry tangible and intangible heritage: they shape and are shaped by history, culture and identity. Her investigation is focusing on the interconnections between odours, users, spaces, and representations. By retracing and contextualizing the narratives told about smells and the odorous characteristics of heritage sites, the Ph.D. research has two ambitions: increase knowledge and awareness for public interest and prepare tools for museums and urban professionals to involve the olfactory sense in their work.


  • Paris, France