Sofia Collette Ehrich

Olfactory Events and Exhibitions (WP1, WP7).

Sofia Collette Ehrich is an art historian, academic researcher, podcast host, and curator of multisensory experiences. As a key member of WP7, Ehrich researched approaches, challenges, and limitations to olfactory storytelling within cultural heritage institutions. Over the course of Odeuropa, she collaborated with various museums, perfumers, and researchers to orchestrate various olfactory projects and train them in the use of olfactory storytelling. She also led the organization, production, and sensory curation of five olfactory events for Odeuropa. Ehrich oversees the development of the Olfactory Storytelling Toolkit: a ‘How-To’ Guide for Working with Smells in Museums and Heritage Institutions – an open-access resource that provides a starting point for museum and cultural heritage professionals to use smell as a storytelling technique in their own curatorial practice. The ‘How-To’ guide also offers downloadable guidelines and worksheets that make bringing scent to the museum easy from start to finish.