Raphaël Troncy

Semantic Web (WP4 lead)

Dr. Raphaël Troncy is an Associate Professor at EURECOM. He got his PhD from Grenoble University (France) in 2004 and had research positions at INA (France), CNR (Italy) and CWI (The Netherlands). He published nearly 200 scientific papers in various journals, top tier conferences and associated workshops and held key organisational roles in multiple world-leading conferences. He will be General Chair of The Web Conference in 2022. He is an expert in knowledge engineering, information extraction and recommender systems. He is the primary investigator of many National and European projects where semantic technologies and information extraction are used together to build knowledge graphs, exploratory search engines and recommender systems.
In Odeuropa, he will be the architect of the European Olfactory Knowledge Graph (WP4), providing models, vocabularies and tools to exploit this heritage.