Inger Leemans

Cultural History (Principal Investigator, WP7 lead)

As a cultural historian of the early modern period, working on emotion history, identity formation, cultural heritage and digital humanities, I am looking forward to combining these domains in one research project. Although I have supervised projects in sensory history, European smell heritage is still mostly an unexplored terrain for me. I am very eager to take up the challenging task to develop digital methods for sensory mining over so many different cultural realms and languages, and I am curious to see what key scents, fragrant spaces, noses, olfactory objects and smell narratives we will discover. Olfactory heritage and sensory mining are under researched domains, so a lot of what we will develop has never been done before.

But it is particularly the combination of so many different expert groups that makes this project such an exiting one. Let’s see what we can achieve with this novel mixture of academic disciplines, intangible heritage communities, cultural heritage professionals, scent industry, creative industries and policy makers.