Cecilia Bembibre

Olfactory heritage science (WP6 Lead), Ethics (WP8)

Cecilia Bembibre developed a framework to identify and preserve historic odours using a heritage science approach for her PhD project, Smell of Heritage. Working with The National Trust, St Paul’s Cathedral and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, she has preserved historic scents from a historic library, a 17th-century pot-pourri and the smell of mould in historic churches. Having previously researched smell at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, Cecilia is interested in an interdisciplinary approach to smell and the preservation of olfactory heritage. She also collaborates with industries exploring the potential of GC-O characterisation of historic odours. In Odeuropa, Cecilia is a Research Associate working at UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage in the preservation, reconstruction and communication of European heritage smells. In Odeuropa, Cecilia is Work Package lead for research activities on Olfactory Heritage Science.