Alex Erica Mary McQueen

Olfactory Events and Exhibitions (WP7), History of smell and senses (WP5).

Alex McQueen is an MA History student specialising in the History of Health through the lens of the Arts and Humanities at the Free University of Amsterdam. McQueen also teaches Yoga and is an academic research assistant and Junior Editor at Odeuropa. She is passionate about how the senses and aspects of heritage can be used as a source of knowledge as well as wellbeing.

As a member of WP7, McQueen’s work mainly consisted of aiding Sofia Collette Ehrich with the assembly, editing and writing of the Olfactory Storytelling Toolkit: A ‘How-To’ Guide for Working with Smells in Museums and Heritage Institutions – an open-access resource that provides a starting point for museum and cultural heritage professionals to use smell as a storytelling technique in their own curatorial practice. Here, amongst other things, Alex managed and edited the curation of the Case Studies and created a resource that helped the overall usability of the toolkit as a whole: the Appendix Checklist.

Furthermore, McQueen assists WP5 lead, Dr. William Tullett, with aspects of the production for the Encyclopaedia of European Olfactory Heritage – a new web-resource that will be the first of its kind – that will catalogue and describe the smells, odorous spaces, feelings about scent, and key noses of the European past. McQueen also assisted in the planning of the Smell Culture Fair event on November 28th, alongside as well as co-facilitated workshops.