About the Event

Over the last decades more and more museums, archives and other cultural institutions have become interested in multisensory storytelling and our historical relation to smells. In fact, in general, we witness a booming interest in olfaction and the significant role that smell plays in our daily lives and cultural heritage. Since 2021, the Odeuropa project has been developing new technologies and tools to support research and development in this area in collaboration with museums and the fragrance industry. IFF has played a major role in this endeavour. Now the project has come to a close, and we have organised a fair to present our final results, to train heritage professionals, perfumers and other interested parties in techniques and best practices, and to provide a space for match making and planning for future collaborations.

The Smell Culture Fair will be a unique opportunity to learn more about olfactory cultural heritage and sensory data mining and meet experts and practitioners from related areas and industries.

We hope that you will be able to join us.

– the Odeuropa project team